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Arizona Private Investigator Surveillance

Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior of a person or group of people, often in a surreptitious manner. Although the word surveillance in French literally means "watching over", the term is often used for all forms of observation or monitoring, not just visual observation.

As your Scottsdale Private Investigator, Paladin Investigations has state of the art equipment to monitor the activities of others.  From GPS tracking devices and high powered cameras with telephoto lenses to computer software that can track the activies of users. Paladin Investigations has mulitple surveillance vehicles including a van set up with mulitple recording devices capable for mulit hour or day surveillance. 

Real time video is also available through a veriety of equpment such as camcorders or DVRs hidden in the most unobtrusive of places such as sunglasses.  Video is time and date stamped for official use.


Paladin Investigations will not break the law or assist you to do so.  We will not invade privacy which can include the insertion of software into a computer that is not in your control.  As your Mesa Private Investigator, we will not film sensitive areas of an abode such as bedrooms.  We will not provide you the contents of a cell phone that is not in your control.  We will not provide to you the cell phone records of others.