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Arizona Infidelity

Trust your instincts and understand the causes of infidelity are complex and varied. Affairs can occur in happy marriages as well as in troubled ones and Paladin Investigations can help you with that Arizona Cheater. Although the involved spouse may not be getting enough from the marriage, sometimes the involved spouse is not giving enough. Reasons for affairs include low self-esteem, relationship deficits (e.g., lack of affection), or a social context in which infidelity is condoned. Paladin Investigations is your expert Arizona Cheater Buster.

Multiple affairs may indicate an addiction to sex, love or romance. Arizona infidelity is loaded with love and romance addicts which are driven by the passion of a new relationship. Sexual addicts are compulsively attracted to the high and the anxiety release of sexual orgasm. But such release comes with a price -- feelings of shame and worthlessness. In contrast, philanderers who perceive extramarital sex as an entitlement of gender or status take advantage of opportunities without guilt or withdrawal symptoms. Let Paladin Investigations help you come to terms with a cheating spouse

A new crisis of infidelity is emerging in which people who never intended to be unfaithful are unwittingly crossing the line from platonic friendships into romantic relationships, particularly in the workplace and on the Internet. Cheating spouses and emotional affairs differ from platonic friendships in that there is 1) greater emotional intimacy than in the marital relationship, 2) secrecy and deception from the spouse, and 3) sexual chemistry. Internet affairs, which cause marital distress despite lack of actual physical contact, exemplify emotional affairs. However, combined-type affairs in which extramarital intercourse occurs within a deep emotional attachment usually have the most disruptive impact.

Vulnerabilities for Arizona infidelity can be linked to marital problems (e.g., avoidance of conflict, fear of intimacy) or life cycle changes (e.g., transition to parenthood, empty-nest). Some dissatisfied spouses begin an extramarital relationship as a way of exiting from an unhappy marriage. More frequently, however, the marital history is re-written to justify an ongoing affair. It is unreasonable to compare a forbidden love affair that is maintained by romantic idealization with the routine familiarity of a long-term marriage.

Paladin Investigations is your Arizona Infidelity specialist.  Paladin Investigations is a Mesa Private Investigator.