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Litigation Support

Want to make your case? Paladin Investigations and its associates have worked with lawfirms for years and have provided the intelligence needed to help get another one in the win column as well as facilitating the serving of process of difficult defendants. Sometimes legal counsel needs a little help following the trail. Paladin Investigations is adept at finding court records and presenting them in a logical format.

Need to locate witnesses to get an important interview? You may have only one shot so it has be done right the first time. The principles of Paladin Investigations have been noted for their creativity in making the impossible happen.

Years of service to attorneys have given us a great knowledge of state and federal statutes that may help in pointing you in the right direction whether for discovery or pleadings. We are not attorneys and can not give legal advice. If you need legal counsel we can refer you to several throughout the United States that we have vetted through the years. State statute prohibits Private Investigators from working for a fee to secure employment for attorneys. There is no compensation to us for this referral either by you or the attorney firm.